[Deodorized Spices]_ Deodorized _ has some kind of

[Deodorized Spices]_ Deodorized _ has some kind of

Flavors are widely used in daily life. Different flavours have different effects. Some can be deodorized, some can be fishy, and some can be colored.

Fish is one of our favorite foods, and its nutritional value is very high, but the fishy smell is difficult to remove. To make the fish delicious, you must effectively remove the fishy smell.

Let ‘s talk about what spices can be used to remove fishy odor.

Cooking wine.

Alcohol has a unique ability to dissolve and replace fishy substances, so cooking wine is an excellent condiment in addition to fishy and degreasing. It can be used for various food ingredients, such as eggs and fish.

When cooking, you can use the cooking wine to marinate the meat first. You can either remove the fishy smell, or you can taste the meat tender and delicious.


The smelly substances produced in meat are alkaline compounds. Adding an appropriate amount of vinegar to the cooking can neutralize this taste.

However, due to the relatively stimulating taste of acetic acid, you should control the amount when adding to avoid affecting the taste of the dish.


In steaming fish or making shrimp, you can add western food and squeeze lemon juice to neutralize the fishy smell of seafood.

Ginger Ginger is a hot food, which can not only neutralize the coldness of the ingredients, but also cause deodorization.

Ginger is simply a good tool to remove fish. Whether it is fragrant, or fish or meat, ginger is the best choice.

Dry flour.

After shaving the fish scales, knead it with dry flour for a while, leave it for a while and rinse it. The fishy smell will be greatly reduced, and the flour will not bring other flavors to the fish, which is a good way.


Spices are an essential condiment when making lo-mei.

Zanthoxylum, cinnamon, star anise, cumin and other spices are full of unique flavors, and they are also natural deodorants.

However, it is not recommended to add too much so as not to mask the flavor of the meat itself.

Kinds of spices are commonly used to remove meat such as pork and lamb.

The above is the introduction of seasoning to fishy flavor. After reading it, you should still know something about it. Fish is a very delicious ingredient, but if it has a fishy flavor, it is not delicious. Some people think that fish bandIt smells fishy, but it’s just an individual, so everyone can try the above.