Season of Sad Autumn against Qiu Yu

Season of “Sad Autumn” against “Qiu Yu”
The golden autumn is October, the autumn is high and airy, this is a harvest and poetic romantic season.However, the autumn wind is rising at a glance, the autumn rain is continuous, and all things are depressed, which can not help but present the scene of the Tang Dynasty poet Wang Ji, “The trees are all autumn, the mountains are only shining.”Professor Wang Yu of Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine said that traditional Chinese medicine has always said that “there is a corresponding relationship between heaven and man.” As soon as the autumn is cold, the flowers and trees are scattered, the yang is diminished, and the yin is gradually growing.People are often prone to touching the scene, feeling depressed, feeling sad, insomnia, more dreams, less energy, and other symptoms, and there is a feeling of “sad autumn”.And one autumn rain and one cold, the continuous autumn rain will add people a sense of desolation.Autumn is a period of high incidence of depression. Traditional Chinese medicine for depression that occurs during this period is called “Autumn Depression”, and “Autumn Depression” is inseparable from the special weather conditions in autumn.  Traditional Chinese medicine for keeping in good health and autumn and keeping lungs has always highlighted the “three factors for health”, that is, health for the time, health for the place, and health for the person.According to Wang Yu, The Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Internal Medicine states, “In the autumn and March, this is called Rong Ping.The weather is anxious, the earth is bright, the morning is up and the morning is up, and the chickens are happy, so that the peace of mind, to relieve the punishment of the autumn, to converge the spirit, to make the autumn Qi flat, to have no intention, to clear the lungs, this autumn Qi should be, The way of harvesting is also the opposite; the lungs will be hurt, winter is a lethargy, and there are fewer Tibetans.”Traditional Chinese medicine believes that Qiu is connected with the lungs, the lungs are the main qi, and the breath is the golden element in the five elements.Therefore, it is easy to cause mental and emotional diseases in autumn, especially depression, and insomnia is the most common.Therefore, some people refer to “qiuyu” as reducing depression.  Wang Yu explained that depression is a common mood disorder, with a significant and lasting depression as the main symptom, and accompanied by corresponding thinking and behavior changes.Typical cases are low mood, pessimistic disappointment, lack of pleasure, slow response, decreased memory, tired of socializing, and reduced speech activity.Scientific research has found that women are more likely to develop depression than men.A Harvard medical scientist survey found that the lifetime prevalence of depression in women is 25%, while the lifetime prevalence of men is 12%.The risk of depression in women is double that of men.About 1 in 8 women worldwide shrinks the damage of depression at some stage in their lives.  Clinical statistics show that “Qiu Yu” mostly occurs in the following groups: sensitive and suspicious, introverted, and not good at talking; “workers” with high work pressure; menopausal women, pregnant women or elderly people, some school-age children;People who have experienced seizure life events and did not receive timely psychological evacuation; mental workers who work indoors all year round and have weak constitutions and rarely participate in physical exercise on weekdays.Wang Yu observed clinically that among the above-mentioned people, people who are usually more sensitive to cold, that is, those with lung deficiency or yang deficiency, and those with qi depression, are prone to “qiuyu” symptoms.”Yu” must first adjust the body condition.  ”Autumn Yu” can prevent harm, said Wang Yu. According to World Health Organization statistics, depression has become the fourth largest disease in the world in terms of the burden caused by the disease, and it is expected that it will rise to the second place after cardiovascular disease in 2020.Two major burden diseases.Regarding the origin of the “autumn depression”, Wang Yu analyzed: First, the high temperature in summer is likely to consume too much of the human body’s righteousness, so there is a saying that “one summer is disease-free and three points are empty.”Easily depressed, tired, insomnia and other symptoms; the second is that people tend to be in a state of excitement in summer, “emotional heat stroke”, such as frequent irritability, bad temper, etc., after the autumn, the weather turns cool, people adjust from excessive emotionsAt this time, it is easy to cause fatigue, fatigue, and low mood due to excessive energy consumption in the body. Third, autumn leaves and wind and rain, often make people touch the scene, and sadness comes from it, especially the elderly are more prone to produce twilight.Road sensation, inducing negative emotions, severe people are depressed all day long, whispering, and depressive symptoms; Fourth, due to the changing weather in autumn and affecting people’s emotions, it is easy to interfere with the physiological function of the human body, coupled with the reduction of air pressure, it is easy to makeThe hormone secreted by the human brain is disordered, which causes irritability, depression, anxiety, disturbed sleep quality, and slenderness promote the occurrence of “autumn depression”.  There are six methods of attacking “Qiu Yu”. Autumn is autumn.Appropriate participation in outdoor sports can help the development of yang, and it can 杭州桑拿网 well combat the killing qi of autumn and effectively alleviate the sad autumn.When the weather is fine, go for a walk or jog outside the park; or go out for an autumn tour and climb the scenery to make you feel refreshed; or exercise calmly to converge your mind and keep your inner peace;The more suitable exercise in autumn is to look at the mountain from a distance. Exercise in the beautiful scenery can promote metabolism, improve the vitality, strengthen the physique, and dispel depression and depression.Proven by modern medical research.Exercise can excite the nervous system, promote the brain to secrete serotonin, make people happy, and effectively combat “autumn depression.”  Autumn sleep and golden autumn season, take care of the body, complications “Qiu Yu”, convergence of vitality is particularly important.Tune your mind in the fall and get a good night’s sleep.The factors that cause Qiuyu are serious and complicated, most of which are caused by psychological factors, but also caused by physical diseases.In autumn, especially late autumn, people’s emotions will become depressed, and insomnia is a common symptom of many “autumn depression” patients.Get enough sleep and try to go to bed before 10.30pm.Taking a midday nap, that is, going to dreamland before 11pm, and taking a nap between 11pm and 13pm, which is very helpful for conditioning your mind and preventing “autumn depression”.  Autumn food According to the principle of “Yangyang in spring and summer, Yang in autumn and winter” in Chinese medicine, autumn is very suitable for invigorating yin.Professor Wang Yu pointed out that Qiqing hurts the five internal organs, “angry hurts the liver, happy sadness, sad spleen, sad lungs, scared kidneys.”The feeling of sad autumn will hurt the lungs of the human body, and those with weak lungs are more likely to have a sad autumn.In the six senses of exogenous feelings, wind, cold, heat, dampness, heat, and dryness correspond to autumn. Therefore, in order to resolve the sad autumn, the lungs must be moistened.You can use autumn pear rock sugar to make autumn pear cream, and you can also eat lily, autumn pear, grapes, honey, loquat and other lung-moisturizing foods to avoid autumn dryness.  Qiulele Chinese medicine believes that there is a mutual restraint between various emotions, “Happiness wins sorrow, sorrow wins anger, anger wins thought, thought wins fear, and fear wins joy.”Wang Yu reminded that sad autumn can be overcome with joy and emotions. You can play with your friends and make yourself laugh through various entertainment activities to evade depression and anger.  Expert Wang Yu of the autumn examination, a more comprehensive medical examination is a “correction for the disease”, prevent micro-duration, timely intervention of health risk factors, scientific management of health, so as to maintain a good physical condition.  Qiuzhi Wang Yu said that autumn is a great time to treat diseases, especially for “Qiuyu” diseases, using traditional Chinese medicine discriminators, combining the principles of disease differentiation and syndrome differentiation, applying the method of physiological Tongzhi to actively regulate and often achieve resultsgood.