[Men’s Contraceptive Method]_ Confidence _ Men _ What Ways _ What Measures

[Men’s Contraceptive Method]_ Confidence _ Men _ What Ways _ What Measures

Most people in society think that contraception in sexual life is a problem for women. Male contraceptive methods are mainly condoms. In fact, male contraceptive methods are the same as female contraceptive methods. Condoms are only one type. Then male contraceptive methods are mainlyIs there some kind?

In addition to condoms, male contraceptives also include drugs and surgery. Of course, some contraceptive methods have disadvantages, and their effects on the body also exist.

Self-confidence is one of the biggest problems in the life of a husband and wife. However, most of this burden is borne by the weak wife alone.

If a man wants to care more for his wife, so that she can be relieved from the troubles of contraception, it will not prevent him from knowing what is the contraceptive method of men.

1, condoms For this little rubber condom, most men will not be unfamiliar.

Although the small condom makes some people feel “insufficient”, this is, after all, the most widely used contraceptive.

Due to improper use, condoms are sometimes not safe. Moreover, there are some miscellaneous brands of condoms in China that are not up to standard. You must be careful when choosing them.

The benefit of this method is that there is almost no adulteration on both sides of the couple, it is safe to conceive at any time, and even prevent the spread of disease.

Is the first choice recommended by doctors.

Insufficient: The effective contraceptive coefficient is about 90%.

A few men or women who are allergic to rubber are not allowed to use it.

2. Drugs are divided into oral drugs and injection drugs.

Gossypol: Gossypol is the representative of oral male contraceptives and the only one that has ever been used clinically.

Because this chemical extracted from ordinary cottonseed has a strong effect on inhibiting sperm production, scientists have been concerned about the contraceptive effect of gossypol for more than half a century.

Inadequacy: There are many abnormalities, such as the user is prone to hypokalemia symptoms and general paralysis, and temporarily loses the ability to work.

The most serious abnormality is the ability that the user may lose as a result.

Not recommended by experts.

3. Surgery In general, the following types of birth control procedures can be used: vasectomy, vasectomy, and non-duplex vasectomy.

The latter two procedures are based on traditional ligation.

The operation that is always associated with wounds and pain sounds a bit scary. However, the entire process of birth control surgery is only 20 minutes without stitches. The recovery time is only two days. There are almost no scars.A lot of people imagine.

Vasectomy: Severing the vas deferens as a sperm transport tube does prevent pregnancy.

The starting ends of the two vas deferens are located in the scrotum and can be reached from the outside of the scrotum to the scrotal skin. Therefore, the doctor only needs to puncture a small mouth with a large grain on the scrotum and cut the vas deferens to achieve contraceptive effects.
Inadequate: gradually, some men will develop epididymia and discomfort.

The male contraceptive method will do a detailed analysis for everyone. Now we have been very clear that this method of male contraception, self-confidence is a problem that both men and women must admit. This way, you can be confident that a woman is pregnant. Once you do n’t want a child to become pregnant, you will have a baby.It will cause great harm to women. Seriously, women will no longer be able to conceive. This situation will affect marriage.

Therefore, we need to prove a certain consensus method and choose the consensus method that is suitable for us.