Difficult athlete’s foot is cured for a long time, experts recommend: the most suitable treatment for autumn and winter

Difficult athlete’s foot is cured for a long time, experts recommend: the most suitable treatment for autumn and winter

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The incidence of athlete’s foot is related to many factors. It is a very easy skin attack and it is caused by people who are more and more unrecognized, resulting in higher incidence and higher recurrence rate.The more difficult it is to cure.

The main cause of the onset of athlete’s foot.

1, the individual does not pay attention to hygiene.

The athlete’s foot is mainly caused by fungal infection. The fungus is very easy to breed and breed in the hot and humid environment of the feet. If we don’t pay attention to the foot hygiene, it will be easily infected by the budget and cause athlete’s foot.

2, low immunity.

Powder is a very common microorganism in life. It is widely used in nature. When our skin comes into contact with these pathogenic bacteria, it is very easy to cause invasion of the stratum corneum, which will breed and grow athlete’s foot.

3, cross infection.

Athlete’s foot is very common nowadays, and most of the athlete’s foot patients and relapsed patients are in the family, or in public places such as baths, hotels, etc., accidentally wearing shoes, using bath towels and other factors to contact the pathogens,It can easily lead to the onset of athlete’s foot.

4, many people do not know athlete’s foot.

After the athlete’s foot is infected with high blood pressure, there will be frequent symptoms such as itchy feet, foot odor, and foot rot. Many people say that they have to endure forbearance, and they don’t care about treatment. The result is that they affect their normal life and will continue.Sometimes the hair will be secondary to bacterial infection, local skin redness and swelling pus; or complicated lymphangitis, erysipelas and so on.

In the dry season in autumn and winter, sometimes the skin is rough and the cleft palate causes bleeding and pain. At the same time, the complications may spread to other parts of the body, causing handcuffs, body lice, femoral hernia, hyperthyroidism, etc., or infecting others.

Therefore, it is a responsible act to actively treat athletes, both for themselves and others.

The dry season in autumn and winter is the most suitable method for treating athlete’s foot.

1. Prepare half a white radish, then cut into thin slices, sauté with a proper amount of water, simmer for 3 minutes, simmer for 5 minutes, then pour into the footbath. Wait for the temperature to be used for soaking feet, once a day.Stick to 3-5 to be effective, and the foot odor will disappear.

2, you can also prepare 150g soy beans, then wash and add 1 kg of water, decoct for 20 minutes, then wash your feet, wash 1-2 times a day, more than a bubble, not only can treat athlete’s foot itching, you can alsoMoisturizes the skin, usually 3-4 days can be effective.

3, but the above method is too much trouble, the traditional Chinese medicine sterilization essence often used in the clinic can quickly eliminate the smashing, mildly permeable skin, completely eliminate the hidden wrinkles, sterilize and relieve itching quickly, and completely remove the roots safely.

For example, “Dr. Dermatology” once introduced a kind of – Niu Professor Skink Plant Sterilization Essence Set, which can completely destroy the damage, prevent re-growth, repair broken skin and improve skin resistance, so as to completely cure the patient.

Ninety percent of patients do not experience regenerative phenomena.

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Precautions when treating athlete’s foot.

1, to maintain a good hygienic habits, insist on washing feet and feet every day, and thoroughly dry.

2, shoes and socks should be breathable, it is best to sweat cotton socks are also good, keep the skin dry.

3, be careful not to scratch your hand when you are sick, to prevent the spread of fractures.

4, after healing, apply once a week, the heat should be adhered to.