Fruit strong bone effect is better than milk

Fruit strong bone effect is better than milk

According to the latest research in the United States, fruit enhances bone density more than milk.


hzh {display: none; }  我们都知道,喝牛奶能强壮骨骼,但据最新研究显示,水果在这方面的功能比牛奶更胜一筹。  The US Journal of Clinical Nutrition recently published a study from the Northern Ireland Center for Food and Health.

It is said that this is the first study to show that eating a lot of fruit can affect bone density.

  Researchers believe that a large amount of acidic substances in food is an important factor in reducing the bone strength of humans.

Therefore, eating more acidic foods can have strong bones, and most fruits and vegetables have this effect.

  To prove this theory, the researchers evaluated 1345 bits 12?
Nutritional habits and bone health of 15-year-olds.

They gave each child a thorough interview to get detailed information about what they eat every meal, what they usually eat, and even the ingredients of each food.

  In addition, children’s height, social, adolescent status, smoking, drinking, supplement use and activities are all part of the study.

Finally, measure the bone strength of their heel.

The results show that girls who like to eat a lot of fruit have the strongest bone.

  In order to allow more people to endorse this research, the researchers pointed out that their subjects have a certain universality, and exclude other known factors, such as weight, exercise and other effects on bone health.