Life three bowls of noodles happiness is close at hand

Life “three bowls of noodles” happiness is close at hand

“I have been married for 18 years. After my child was admitted to college, there are only two couples left in my family. There is a lot of blank space in my life. I don’t know how to put it.

I used to work and take care of my children, and my days are still good. Now, the two face to face, feeling that there is nothing to say, and the words are always not good, simply simply speaking.

Have we passed down in such a boring life for the rest of our lives?

In the first half of our life, we struggled together, and we shared our hardships. I think it is not easy for him to think about it.

I really want to make our life tasteful. Both of them are happy, but they don’t know how to do it.

“The psychological secret of a happy life is “three bowls of noodles.”

In fact, there is no model for a happy marriage. As long as both husband and wife still have each other in their hearts, they will not let the plain life full of fun and warmth.

As long as the “three bowls of noodles” are done in life, the happiness of marriage will not be too far.

The first bowl of noodles is “face”.

It is also the face that is usually said.

The contradiction between husband and wife is big, and we must also bear in mind the face of the other party.

Many people take care of others’ faces when they get along with others, but some people at home forget this.

Especially for the spouse, it is wrong to think that there should be something between the husband and wife, and it is the family private affairs that the other party will understand.

In fact, there is a degree in everything, and there are some problems in the face, even when the husband and wife are alone.

In public, couples should pay more attention to face, otherwise good intentions will not get good results.

The second bowl is “sentimental”.

It is to show your emotions in a timely manner.

Many people say that they are old wives and old wives. It is impossible to say so much sweet words.

This is also true, but if the husband and wife life does not often inject new emotions, they will move from dull to forgetting, and even become tired of each other, and thus parting ways.

Therefore, husband and wife should always remember to care about each other, always say “thank you” to warm people.

Don’t forget to “fall in love” after marriage, the old wife and wife must be more romantic, and the feelings are paid for.

The third bowl is the “facade”.

Couples should always pay attention to each other’s clothing and create a lively and comfortable family style.

Dressing neatly will give the other party emotional infection, and the layout of the family room can also affect the person’s mental state, so the husband and wife should dress and dress up and make good suggestions for the other party.

Couples’ feelings and jealousy can promote the maintenance of the skin. Conversely, the neat appearance of the couple’s appearance will also enhance the harmony of feelings. The family is the place to stay in the nearly half of life. The cleanliness of the living room also affects people’s emotions. Imagine a busy day.In a messy home, I will never feel better.

Always bad mood, how do you have good feelings?