Living habits reveal your length of life

Living habits reveal your length of life

Smoking to reduce life, exercise and life is a well-known health theory, but in fact there are many factors that affect people’s life.

Then let us assume that our average life expectancy is 70 years old, and see how the addition and subtraction based on this number is related to anything.


“The room with a view of the scenery” has been researched for two years. It has been shown that patients living in a ward with only one wall can observe and live in a ward that can enjoy the view from the window. The rehabilitation efficiency will be greatly improved and discharged.Also earlier.

Beauty can also help people improve their mood, eliminate depression and become optimistic.

If it’s hard to call “beauty” outside your window, decorate your room with your favorite pictures and photos.


The chores are entangled in life for a year. Whether it is too much wealth to take care of, or overlapping huge debts to be debt-collected, complicated affairs will make most people feel depressed and depressed. The consequences are naturally heart rate, blood pressure, and pressure.Hormonal adrenaline and leather alcohol can also cause damage to the human body.


People who have pets for more than a year are more likely to see a doctor than the average person, and they are not vulnerable to depression.

Keeping a pet with you will reduce your heart rate and blood pressure.

A US hypertension study showed that when a stock broker with different genders was subjected to stress tests, the pet’s heart rate and blood pressure were significantly more stable than those of other testers.


Extreme sexual life and longevity 4 years of men who often enjoy orgasm (at least twice a week) have less than half the chance of premature death, especially death from heart disease.

Higher ejaculation frequencies can also reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

Because of the partner’s premature ejaculation, the risk of heart disease is higher in women who are impotence instead of enjoying pleasure.


Noise pollution, 3% of the deaths of coronary heart disease in 1 year are due to long-term placement in the traffic noise environment.

The stress hormones produced by noise reach the human body for a long time, even in sleep, which causes changes in the heart and blood vessels, causing high blood pressure, high blood pressure or stroke.


As a woman who has lived for 10 years, women in almost any country live longer than men, and are about 10% longer than men.

In addition to environmental and genetic factors, men’s short-livedness is also associated with androgens. Androgens determine men’s aggressive and competitive behavior, making them more likely to experience premature deaths from violence, accidents and adventures.

Androgens will lower the level of plasma that is beneficial to the heart, while estrogen in women can increase the level of beneficial plasma.


Marriage life increases life for 7 years compared to divorcees, widows and widows and singles, the life expectancy of married people is extended.

A US study found that people who have never been married are more likely to die prematurely than two-thirds of ordinary people, and are more prone to economic crises, physical health and other issues.

Married people will recover better in the event of a disease, and their survival rate is higher in the face of certain cancers.


Divorce and life-study for 3 years have been said that divorce people have emotional disorders, accidental death and heart disease death are higher than normal people, more likely to get cancer, pneumonia and cirrhosis.

But if marriage itself is a pressure on people, divorce is also a healthy choice.


Poor posture and longevity 2 years of poor posture muscles, tendons, ligament weight, joint contraction, and even affect visceral function, will produce back pain, arthritis and back pain.

Older people with hunchback will die earlier, especially from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.


Happiness often finds that the people with optimistic attitudes are healthier and have more time for sports and social activities.

The optimist’s disease and trauma are recovering, life expectancy, and less likely to suffer from disability.

Happiness can increase the number of cells of disease-resistant antibacterial agents, thereby increasing human immunity.

Self-evaluation Low-risk life Four-year self-evaluation people cherish themselves more, so they will pay close attention to their health.
They are often happy people too.

Some studies have found that elderly people living in nursing homes, if their physical condition is similar, those who are self-evaluated are not prone to depression and their longevity.


Insufficient sleep and 5 years of sleep disruption will increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, improve blood plasma, cholesterol, cortisol and blood pressure levels will increase.

Lack of consciousness can also reduce brain function and alertness.

It is best to sleep 6 to 7 hours per night.


A strong faith in life for seven years A US study found that people who attended a religious gathering at least once a week lived about 35% longer than those without any religious beliefs, because religious activities can improve the body’s immunity and reduce blood vessel obstruction.

  In this way, how many years can you live?