After work, there is no appetite for work?

How to solve the greasy feeling after the holiday?

After work, there is no appetite for work?
How to solve the greasy feeling after the holiday?

During the Spring Festival, there are many parties. People will eat more without knowing it. If they eat oil, they will get tired. If they eat too much, they will get tired.

This will lead to a few days after work, but still have no appetite.

So how to get tired?

Experts believe that the mechanism of the solution is to eliminate, that is, to make food in the body can be restored to digestion, you can use hawthorn, malt, valley bud, Divine Comedy, Laizizi, chicken gold and other drugs; one is the guide, that is to make too muchThe food is excreted, like fruits, vegetables, especially cellulose-doped vegetables such as apples, cabbage, etc. can increase body movement and promote food discharge.

Both types of food can be used as a solution.

However, these herbs and foods also have different focuses when they are greasy.

Experts say that if you eat more pasta, it is best to eat barley tea; if you eat more rice, you need to use the valley buds, divine music; if it is eaten more meat, the hawthorn is best.

Recommend a generation of tea for everyone, it is good for all kinds of eating – malt, Divine Comedy, Hawthorn, each 20 grams, boiling water brewing on behalf of tea.

Laizizi is a radish, eat too much, can not be digested with Laiwuzi soaked in water, has a good effect.

However, the Laizi used to digest must use fried Laizi.

You can also eat raw radishes, people who are afraid of eating radish, can lick a little salt.

In terms of proprietary Chinese medicine, Baohe Pill is a famous prescription for digestion and stagnation. It includes hawthorn, divine music, malt, and other drugs.

Among the traditional Chinese medicines, Baohe Pills is a mild dispersing agent. It is mainly used for the treatment of food stagnation, abdominal distension, vomiting and diarrhea. It can also be used for chronic gastritis, indigestion, and infants due to food.Diarrhea caused by milk accumulation, overflowing milk embolism.

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