[Cream spiced beans]_how to do_method

[Cream spiced beans]_how to do_method

The method of making butter spiced beans requires everyone to prepare the required materials first, and then adjust the materials and put them in a jar for sealing to prevent the volatilization of the fragrance and mold.

The essential for making butter spiced beans is butter and spiced powder, and then beans are generally dried fava beans. The time required to make them is relatively short. It is recommended that friends who like to eat can follow the methods described below to try it again.

Ingredients required for the production method: 5 kg of dried broad beans, 1 g of saccharin, 1 g of fennel, 25 g of salt, 250 g of cinnamon, 25 g of cream flavor, 2 ml; soybeans, peppercorns, white anise, star anise, cilantro, ginger, grass fruit, cardamom, cinnamon, refined salt,Sesame oil, pepper oil, soy sauce, celery, carrot, sweet pepper.

Production step 1.

In addition to butter flavor, add other ingredients into the pot, add water and dry broad beans, boil over high heat, and cook slowly over low heat until the water is dry, and then stir fry to dry the broad beans.


Stir in creamy flavor.

After cooling, store it in a sealed container to prevent volatilization and return to moisture.

The craftsmanship of butter spiced beans is particular, and the heat is appropriate.

The raw materials used are specifically for broad beans produced in Yuyao County, Zhejiang Province. The selection is extremely strict. Neither yellow beans nor worm beans can be used. Use clean green beans, wash them and boil them.

A double-eye stove is used for cooking. A clear water pot and a sugar water pot are placed on it.

When the water temperature in the clear water pot reaches about 60 degrees Celsius, put the washed broad beans into the pot, cook them, and fish in the sugar pot when the beans are cooked.

But before fishing for beans, you must first put a certain proportion of sweetener and vanilla and flavor in the sugar bowl, then sprinkle some salt on the broad beans that are removed, and keep turning it in the sugar bowl.

When flipping, slowly push it down with a fence around the side of the pot.

This will cook the beans evenly.

After about half an hour, you can see the salt flowers appear on the bean skin. You can dry the beans in a bamboo silk container and cool them thoroughly. After drying, they will be butter spiced beans.

Consumption Guide Taboo people The average person can consume butter spiced beans.


Elderly, students during exams, mental workers, high cholesterol, constipation are suitable for consumption; 2.

Those with moderate coke deficiency should not eat it, and those who have allergic to broad beans must not eat it again; 3.

3. Patients with hereditary red blood cell deficiency, causing hemorrhoid bleeding, indigestion, chronic colitis, uremia and other patients should pay attention to, and should not eat broad beans;

Children targeting broad bean disease should never eat butter spiced beans.