[Atropine dosage for children]_kids_usage

[Atropine dosage for children]_kids_usage

After the baby is cold, it can easily cause gastrointestinal discomfort, nausea, and vomiting.

The most effective treatment for this disease is atropine. The amount of atropine must be carefully studied to avoid accidental ingestion.

The amount of medicinal use for children can be halved, and the amount can be appropriately increased according to the condition.

If you have symptoms such as smoking, night sweats, drooling, etc., you should stop taking the medicine in time, otherwise it will cause serious poisoning.

1, various visceral colic, such as bladder colic and bladder irritation.

It has poor curative effect on biliary colic and renal colic; 2. Symptoms before general anesthesia, severe night sweats and salivation; 3. Sinus atrial block, atrioventricular block and other slow arrhythmias caused by excessive vagal nerve excitement, alsoIt can be used for ventricular ectopic secondary to the sinus node hypofunction; 4, anti-shock; 5, rescue organophosphate poisoning.

0 each time.


5mg, 0 a day.

3mg; Extreme: 2mg at a time.

Subcutaneous injection in children: 0 each time.


The adverse reactions caused by different doses of 02mg / kg are roughly as follows: 0.

5mg, mild heart rate slowing, slightly dry mouth and less sweat; 1mg, dry mouth, heart rate acceleration, pupil dilation slightly; 2mg, palpitations, significant dry mouth, dilated pupils, sometimes blurred vision; 5mg, the above symptomsAggravated, with unclear speech, irritability, dry and hot skin, difficulty in urination, and decreased bowel movements; above 10 mg, the above symptoms are more severe, the pulse rate is weak, the central excitement is severe, the breathing accelerates and deepens, delirium, hallucinations, and convulsions occurEtc .; Severe poisoning leads to inhibition of central excitement, resulting in coma and respiratory paralysis.

The lowest lethal dose for adults is about 80?
130mg, 10mg for children.

Fever, fast pulse, diarrhea and caution for the elderly.

1. Those who are intolerant to other belladonna alkaloids are also intolerant to this product.

2. Intravenous atropine can increase cardiac tachycardia.

3. This product can be secreted into milk and has a lactation-inhibiting effect.

4 Infants and young children are very sensitive to the toxic reaction of this product, especially in children with acute paroxysmal palsy and brain injury. The response is stronger. When the ambient temperature increases, there is a danger of sudden rise in body temperature due to closed sweat. It must be used closelyObserved.
5 The elderly are prone to anti-M choline-like isomers, such as difficulty urinating, constipation, dry mouth (especially men), and also easily cause glaucoma for diagnosis and diagnosis. Once found, the drug should be discontinued.

This product is especially easy for elderly people to cause sweat secretion to decrease and affect heat dissipation, so use it with caution in summer.

6, the following situations should be used with caution: 1) brain injury, especially children;